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out standing

this is truely outstanding. IF YOU HAVE NOT WATCHED THIS DO SO NOW.

yet another in the line of your "Work"

I miss the point is it art? is this your imitation of life or your explanation of dreams and your reality? It's technicaly well done I dont under stand the choice for high pitched voices. Do they represent children. the destructive tendencies in us that rip apart the world just to understand it. and to clarify i do not attack the presentation meerly the context of the work. I believe you have left out some vital clues alienating your audience. And i don't mean alienation the way brecht did. His work brought about uneasy fealings in those that chose not to understand. yours brings uneasy feelings to those that try to understand and leaves them lost and confused turning to other artists for answers. Is that what you want?

This was incredible

i had to watch it two times to grasp the full effect of the imagery and a third to grasp the subtitles. but then i just sat there absorbing it and wow its really well done. Just extremley disturbing once you grasp the context. really well done

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Thats right 418 number 1 on time attack

ok so its kind of addictive

Newgrounds must play

interesting twist on side scroller hard fun and great music

that was great good music and ass kickin

the best stick fighting ive played

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Nice and meaty

i dont say heavy its not heavy its fat and meaty which is good i wouldn't neccesarily say industrial, ohh and nice vocals the line fits very well the synth lead after the vocals could be more complex maybe slower with a heavier stereo delay.maybe. any way its very good, if you don't mind what do you mix with.

Lelix responds:

Thanks for the feedback. I use FL Studio for all my songs.



this is a really good peice it kind of reminds me of Klaus Badelt, with the percusion. really well done. If thats reason or pro tools can i get a copy of the mix file to remix i have some ideas i would like to try and it would be easier if i had the mix files.

PERVOK responds:

I'd like to, but I really don't like giving out my music to just ANYONE.

E-mail me about it.

Thanks for the review.

its a good start

Honestly if thats better micing i would hate to have heard it before:-( the solo it self sounded real good, but it sounded as if there were only one or two mics on the whole kit? My guess would have been two stands infront with two mics hanging down mics similar to a SM 58. if you want a tip mic the snare it had alot of room noise to it. The kick also needs to be miced to give you a nice boom add those to some overheads like i think you had and you should have a good start. some suggestions for kick mics, i love a D6 but a shure sm52 does almost as good, for snare theres only one way to go get an SM 57 and put it on its side right above the rim of the snare it will sound killer.

PERVOK responds:

Thanks for the review and the helpful tips, but chances are that I won't get doing them because:
1: No money, so no new mics. :(
2: I'm not too much into recording my drums, I just do it everyonce and a while for fun.
3: I write Trance. Usually you don't use live drum work in it.

But other than that, thanks!

im open to anyone emailing me so if you have questions coments or such let me know just title it with some thing ill recognize.

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sound engineer

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